Indication of Climate Change

Numerous indications of logical changes demonstrate that the #Earth's atmosphere is evolving. The most recent data from the measures of observed environmental change represent an overwhelmingly convincing story of a planet that is experiencing an unnatural #weather change. 
In reality, the earth is getting hotter. In the period of recent 50 years the normal worldwide surface temperature has ascended. Globally, surface temperature, ocean heat content and humidity are increased. 
For researchers examining the effects of environmental change, such inquiries  and answers are always being modified and more data is assembled, models are adjusted, and criticisms are better appreciated.
Climate has changed which leads to 
- increase in #Sea_Surface_Temperature
- #Glacier Aggregate imbalance
- Rise in #Ocean_Heat_Content

- Excess #Humidity

Climate Conference

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Climate Change and Coral Reef

#Coral_reef harbor the marine ecosystem and supports globally over 500 million people.

But due to high #Anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions, Ocean temperature is increased which leads to #coral_bleaching which may leads to increasing acidity in ocean.

Coral disease may naturally occur due to bacteria and fungi but in recent days scientist discovered that this devastation occurs highly due to pollution.

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Anthropogenic Activities and Climate Change

Recent report from IPCC has been discussed mostly on the Global Warming.

The average temperature of earth's atmosphere is now 1.5 degree Celsius. If necessary actions have not been taken then the temperature will be raised to 2 degrees.

#Human_activities have increased greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere particularly Co2 concentration.

For several thousand years ago the #Carbon Cycle was in a balanced and steady state. Since the recent years the #Anthropogenic induced Co2 emissions from burning of Fossil fuels, deforestation , cement production has disturbed the balance and added more #carbon_dioxide to the atmosphere.

Reduce #GHG_emissions for a safer environment.

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Air Quality and Climate Change

Air Quality will have impact on #Climate_Change and the change in climate will have the impact on Air Quality. They both are closely related to each other.

Many #air_pollutants that are harmful to #human and #environment also have adverse effect on #climate. For example the black carbon which is the particulate pollutant from the result of#combustion results in the warming of the planet while the particulate sulfate cool's the earth #atmosphere

So in order to study the inter-relationship between the air_quality and climate_change researchers are focusing to understand the
* influence of Climate_Change on #particulate_matter and #air_pollutant
*developing the #adaptation and #mitigation to reduce the emission of #Carbon-dioxide and #Greenhouse_gases

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Climate Change 2019- Venue

#Rome- The Eternal City which is known for their fascist architecture.
Anatole Broyard an English writer quoted " Rome was a poem pressed into service as a city"

Explore the beauty of Rome along with the gathering of #Environmental_scientists and #researchers from all over the world at " World Congress on Climate Change" during May 22-23, 2019 at Rome, Italy
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Abstract Submission- Climate Change 2019

Speaker slots are available. Submit your Abstracts at " World Congress on Climate Change " scheduled on May 22-23, 2019 at Rome, Italy.

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