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Climate Change 2018

Speaker slots are available in "World Congress on Climate Change" which is going to held during October 15-16, 2018 at Rome, Italy

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Impact of Climate Change on Corals

#Climate_Change is found to be the greatest global threat to #coral_reef_systems.

Scientific evidences indicates the global temperature is increasing which leads to high warming that results in high occurrence of #coral_bleaching

The increase in warming is due to the high emission of #green_house gases in which #carbon_dioxide plays a major role which may leads to reduce #calcification rates in #reef_building and #reef_associated organism and also alters the seawater chemistry by decreasing in pH. This process is called #ocean_acidification.

To know more about #climate_change and their impacts on #coral and #coastal_ecosystem, join us on "World Congress on Climate Change" during October 15-16, 2018 at Rome, Italy

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Methane, one of the Green House Gases, is considered to be the secondary to #carbon_dioxide in its important in Climate Change.

#CH4 is produced by both #Human and #Natural_activities, since there are many actions are taken to reduce the methane emission by human activities, the #Climate_Change itself  will increase the production of Natural Methane.

#Methane has high effects on Atmosphere when compared to Carbon-dioxide. The natural causes of methane release is low when compared to the #Anthropogenic_activities. Cattle Farming and Waste incineration (landfill) and #Fossil_Fuel_ industry may leads to high release of Methane.

The high release of Methane into the #atmosphere causes high #radioactive-forcing which results in the depletion of #ozone.

Rise in level of #methane leads to high increase in #latent_heat of the #atmosphere.

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Today, one of the most destructive thing that we are using in our Day to Day life is Plastic. 
#Plastic_Bags and #Climate_Change are linked in a variety of ways. 
From destruction in Air-quality to increase in Ocean- toxicity, plastic bags are playing a major role in #Eco-system Disruption. 
Use of plastics may lead to 
#Habitat_Destruction #Fossil_Fuel_Emissions #Plastic_Pollution

The above mentioned are the some of the ways that plastic bags and #Climate_Change are interrelated. Due to this there seems to be a high deterioration in the coastal and #Ocean_Ecosystem, as most of the marine organism are becoming extinct because of consuming plastic waste.
Some people think if the #plastics were disposed properly, the problem will be solved.
But the result  is No.
If you think you have thrown a bag away, remember there is no away!! Every bag you have thrown was stored as a #Landfill somewhere which leads to the destruction in Soil Quality
The Toxin Dioxin which is present in the plastic…


is very happy to Announce Prof. Deepak Khare as a Keynote Speaker for our Conference which is going to held during October 15-16, 2018 at Rome, Italy
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Climate Change Facts

When it comes to #Climate_Change, you must be the Change you wish to see in the World #Climate_Change_2018
#Be_the_Change to save the planet Because there is no #Planet_B


The Atmosphere is a mix of nitrogen (78%), oxygen (21%), and diverse gasses (1%) that incorporates the earth. Natural pollution is of different sorts: #Air_pollution, #Water_pollution, #Noise_pollution, Light pollution, Thermal pollution, Radioactive pollution, Soil pollution, Visual pollution. Natural defilement suggests spoiling of an organic group and the including atmosphere towards partitioned kinds of toxins (Chemicals energies). 

#Environmental_change alludes to the variety in typical climate designs caused because of pollution. The issue of #ecological_pollution and environmental change has turned into a universal worry because of their horrible impacts to the physical and natural elements of the earth.
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Imagine that we slipped a glass plate in the floor and its broken into pieces!! Can we able to reform the broken pieces into a Normal Plate??
The Answer is No.
Likewise, Climate Change is happened then and Now.
We cannot able to vanish it away but, we can at least reduce the Consequences

In this Era 40%  of people are having Air Conditioners and Refrigerators in their homes. They are designed to keep things cold but they are actually heating the planet.
Chlorofluorocarbons and Hydrocarbons released is destructive to Climate more than the Co2. Instead of this, using Propane and Ammonia may reduce the effects on Climate Change
The More informed we are, the more Empowered we are!!
Take a Mission to Save Planet!!
To know more about #Climate_Change, meet us in the gathering of #climatologists, #researchers at Rome, Italy on "Climate_Change_2018"
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