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#Paleoclimatology is the study of #past_climate. We know that its impossible to go back in time to  see what climates were like.
To avoid this drawback scientists used proxies ( imprints created to know past climate).
Organisms such as #diatoms and #forams are used as #proxies to interpret past climate.

Other proxies which used to study past climate are #ice_cores, #tree_rings and #sediment_cores.

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Tackle Climate Change

#Climate_Change is not a distant threat - it is happening here and happening now. The past three years is hotter when compared to the previous years.

The recent IPCC series conference on Global Warming states the reality of #climate_change.

If we dint take take a necessary step to reduce the emission of #GHG, the temperature of the planet may increase to 2 degree and in this temperature the sufferings would be high.

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The Recent IPCC report on #global_warming is one of the important reports in #climate_change.
The World is 1 degree hotter already if no necessary action is taken then the warming temperature may be increased to 1.5 degree between 2030 to 2050. The highest emission of greenhouse gases may lead to increase in global temperature by 2 degrees soon.
At 2 degrees, the arctic sea ice will melt in a high rate which leads to sea_level_rise. At 2 degrees, many areas will be subjected to prevail drought conditions
Increase in the global temperature may result in major nature consequences.

So, take a step to reduce the #GHG_emission and save our planet.
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