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World Congress on Climate Change

Very happy to invite researchers, climatologists and students all over the world for the conference
" Climate Change 2018 " during October 15-16, 2018 at Rome, Italy.

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Climate Change 2018

#Climate_Change_2018 welcomes attendees, researchers and students from various parts of the world to discuss about the arising #global_issue on the theme of Anthropogenic activities and their impact on #Climate_Change.

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Carbon and Climate

#Climate_Change is occurring rapidly and we all know it from #billions of  observations.
One of the main goal of the researchers is to limit the #increase of the #global_surface_temperature.

#Earth has already reached the high #surface_temperature measure have been taken to reduce the #emission of #green_house_gases in which #carbon and #methane plays a vital role in increasing temperature.

#Carbon_dioxide which is releasing as a result of #industries and the burning of fossil fuels insulate the surface of the earth. Since , after Co2 emissions took off with the industrial revolution the average global temperature has increased. Hence necessary steps have to be taken to reduce the level of #Carbon.

On the other hand questions arise, what would happen if we completely stop the emission of Carbon dioxide. Would we return to the climate of our previous generations.

Answer is No.

Once we releases Carbon-dioxide , the released one will be in atmosphere for more than thousand years. It ta…

Increased Uncertainty in Agriculture

#Climate_Change and #Agriculture are interrelated both takes place on the #global scale.
Change in #Climate affects agriculture in various ways includes changes in #average_temperature, #rainfall and changes in atmospheric#carbon_dioxide
This type of alteration may leads to Reduction in #nutrition value of foods and reduce the #crop_production

On the other hand #agriculture also plays an important role in the change of climate as by#anthropogenic_activities that leads to high emission of #green_house_gases.
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