The Recent IPCC report on #global_warming is one of the important reports in #climate_change.

The World is 1 degree hotter already if no necessary action is taken then the warming temperature may be increased to 1.5 degree between 2030 to 2050.  The highest emission of greenhouse gases may lead to increase in global temperature by 2 degrees soon.

At 2 degrees, the arctic sea ice will melt in a high rate which leads to sea_level_rise.
At 2 degrees, many areas will be subjected to prevail drought conditions

Increase in the global temperature may result in major nature consequences.

So, take a step to reduce the #GHG_emission and save our planet.

To know more and discuss about GHG emissions and #Climate_Change join with us at “ World Congress on Climate Change “ during May 22-23, 2019 at #Rome, #Italy


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